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Configure filter to discard certain email attachments

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Configure filter to discard certain email attachments like .tar.gz,vbs, scr ,exe from your cPanel >> User Level Filtering

For example you can discard emails with the attachment .FILE-EXTENSION with following rule

In cPanel select "User Level Filtering" option present under the "Mail" section.

Select the email address from the emails list and then select "Manage Filters" option.

It will give you new window where you can manage the rules for your email account.

First set the filter rule name in "Filter Name" section and then select the "Body" option present under the "Rules" sections first drop down menu bar and similarly select "Equal" option from "Rules" sections second drop down menu bar and add the .FILE-EXTENSION in third empty box.

Select the "Actions" option as per your requirement from drop down menu bar in this example I have set "Discard Message".

After adding the rules you need to select "Activate" option to activate your filter rule.

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