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Domain Transfer/Renewal Vs Use Own Domain Name

In our order form there are three (3) selections for Domain Name Registration. Here is a break down on each of the meanings:

- New Domain Name
Register means you wish to purchase and register a new domain name. Fees will vary on the TLD you wish to register. Most popular domain extensions such as .com, .net and .org .

Please find our Domain Registration Portal Here:

- Renew/Transfer Existing Domain Name
Transfer means if you already own a domain name, you may choose this option to transfer it to A fee may applies to the more popular domain extensions as listed above. In order for a domain transfer to properly transfer to our services you must make sure you do the following:

[1] Your domain is currently "unlocked" at your current domain registrar. If you are not familiar with "unlocking" and "locking" of your domain please contact your domain registrar. Failure to unlock your domain will result in the transfer failure.

[2] The e-mail address that is on file and registered to your domain must be valid and accessible by the domain owner. All initiated transfers will require a confirmation e-mail which is sent to the administrator of the domain which must be approved. If you are unsure what e-mail address is associated with your domain you can do a whois on your domain.

[3] Please follow the steps to have clear picture on how the transfer process works:

- Use own domain name (Subscribe to our hosting services only)
Use own Domain Name is the easiest and most popular. If you currently own a domain you can simply update the DNS/Nameservers once your account has been activated. This information will be provided in your welcome e-mail. There are no additional charges to choose this option. You will need to login to your existing domain control (Not hosting control panel) panel to change the nameserver. Please contact your old domain provider if you do not know the details to login to your domain control panel.

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