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How to Create an Email Group in cPanel

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1) Go to cPanel --> Email Accounts to create a group email address for example [email protected]
2) Go to cPanel -->Mail -->User-Level Filtering --> Select [email protected] and click on Manage Filters.
3) Now you click on Create New Filter --> Put in a Filter Name --> Rules select To and Equals and put in the group email address.
4) At the Actions tab, please select "Redirect to Email" and then key in the email addresses that you want to put into this group. After that you key in all the email address, please click on Create.

Example settings is as below:


Above rule only helpful for, if GROUP email was in To field of senders.

If you are wanting to change it so it will filter if the message is To, CC, or BCC, you can change the "To - Contains" to be "Any Header -
Contains". This will ensure that the email is filtered even if the GROUP email address is CC'd on to the message, and the email will be delivered to the recipients that you have in your filter.

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