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Implement LDAP with Barracuda

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Implement LDAP with Barracuda

The LDAP feature of SmarterMail is available to use with Barracuda. This will allow the Barracuda appliance to integrate with the SmarterMail user to provide tracking and advanced reporting. You will need to configure Barracuda's LDAP for each domain that it is filtering for, this will be configured on the Barracuda Appliance.

Applies to SmarterMail Enterprise 8.x - 14.x

The settings that will need to be configured are:

  • LDAP Server: The DNS name or SmarterMail IP address
  • LDAP Port: Default is 389
  • Exchange Accelerator/LDAP Verification: Yes
  • Bind DN: An email address on the domain
  • Bind Password: The password used to log in to the email address
  • Valid Email (for testing): This is needed to make sure that LDAP is functioning
No other configuration should be needed.

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