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Outlook is sending multiple emails

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The Outlook is mostly preferred in high and middle-level businesses or corporations, but when its behavior changes then what. I mean if Outlook is sending the same email twice, thrice or multiple times then “How will manage duplicate emails in Outlook’s sent or outbox mail-folder”.

In this tutorial, you will know the reasons and solutions with the prevention of sending duplicate emails in MS Outlook at once.

Potential sources of sending multiple emails in Outlook

  1. Uninstall or temporarily disable virus scanner when you sending an email via Outlook.
  2. Check internet speed of sending or receiving emails, if speed is slow then increase mail server timeout session.
  3. Check interval time to send or receive email from someone.
  4. Reset router, Wi-Fi, modem or other network connection, if it seems OK then try again to send email from Outlook.

A solution to stop sending duplicate emails in Outlook

Uninstall or Disable Anti-virus

It is a program for creating/blocking a copy of the sending emails or Compels to resend the email. To check this issue, disable the antivirus for a few minutes and try to send an email. If you successfully send the email without creating a duplicate email then you have to uninstall the antivirus or use disable option before sending an email.

How to decrease the interval time of sending/receive email

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook and follow the step below
  • In Outlook 2010 & new editions
Select the Send/Receive tab from the main menu.

Choose Show Progress option.

  • In Outlook 2007 or older edition
Click on Tools tab >> select Send/Receive option.

Choose Send/Receive Settings >> then click on Show Progress.

2. When you select “Show progress” a pop-up window opens, showing you two identical progress bars. If you look at more than two tasks, this means that the interval time is set to a very short time. And it is also a part of occurring this error “Outlook is sending multiple emails”.

  • Guideline to change the interval
  1. The same process go to Tool tab >> Send/Receive option >> click on send/receive setting then choose “Define Send/Receive Group”.
  2. A pop-window opens with the name of “Send/Receive Group”.
  3. In the dialog box, you will see the default value in the option Schedule an automatic send/receive every.

4. Now decrease the value of using the drop-down button but not below then 10 minutes. After that try to send the email.

How to increase the server timeout

When you set up an email configuration using POP or IMAP then you don’t miss to look server timeout. By default, its value set 1 minute so use drag point and set 2 or 3 minutes (not more than 3).

  1. For Outlook 7 or older version: Go to Tool tab >> Account setting AND For Outlook 10 or newest version: File option >> select Account Settings
  2. Double click on your IMAP/POP3 account, which you configured or use to send emails.
  3. Your configuration dialog box open on screen >> click on More Settings
  4. Click on Advanced Tab.

5. Go to the Server Timeout section and drag slider to increase the time then press OKOther solution:

(A) Create a new profile with the same email address and take a backup of email data before removing the previous profile.

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