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When you face an issue where you not able send out E-mail while just establish your connection and you do not make any setting changes in pass few days. Then you may double check is your current terminal IP listed in Spam database that Rocksoft mail server refer to or not.


1. You are using dynamic IP where previously get blacklisted
2. Your IP blacklisted due to abuse action previously.


1) Get your current terminal IP by browse on the following link (*dynamic IP if you do not purchase a fixed IP from your ISP*)

the IP address is stated in the green box with the largest font size.

2) Rocksoft mail server refer to the following Spam database:

A.) *Spamhaus (SBL-XBL)*
C.) *ORDB ( Open Relay Database)*

3) If you notice your current terminal IP listed then you may either restart the connection to get a new dynamic IP or send request to Spam database support for IP removal.

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