Email Transfer to Gigabit Server

Email Transfer  from other hosting to  Gigabit server
  • Please configure your Old email ID as IMAP in outlook, then repeat same for process for new Emails ID which should exists in our server
  • Please use mail server IP: X.X.X.X as incoming/outgoing server.
  • As connectivity of both severs are okay, to avoid confusions, just create a new folder such as name Old_inbox inside the new Email ID  then simply copy the required folder such as old Email ID's inbox and paste into new Email ID's inbox folder Old_inbox.
  • As copy done just wait for re-sync these emails to new server.
  • Same process you may can repeat for sent Items or other folders which contains emails and want to transfer to new server.
If there any confusion for above steps, you may can install AnyDesk and share it's ID so we will assist accordingly.