Sales and Service Tax (SST) Implementation

Dear Valued Customer,
This is an announcement that your services with TheGigabit will be charged with 6% SST in accordance to the requirement set by the government of Malaysia. 
Also, as TheGigabit is an internet service provider, some categories are exempted with SST tax. This changes will reflect on your invoice starting on 12.01 a.m. 1st September 2018.
This may also reflects on some of the products/services in which the price may be defer from the current price (in which we will announce from time to time accordingly).
Please be informed that this SST tax will affect only Malaysian customers; and customer outside of Malaysia (oversea) will be exempted.
If you do have any questions or require further enquiries on this SST tax, please do contact us or email to us:
We apologies for any inconvenience that it may caused.
Thank you